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On April 16, 2007 on the Virginia Tech campus, Erin Peterson became one of the victims of the worst college shooting in history. Her's was a life that ended too soon. Erin was majoring in International Studies because she wanted to learn about other cultures help the less fortunate around the world and be a force in bringing people together. She believed that a good education was the way to accomplish her goals.

With a big smile, Erin invited everyone into her circle of trust. She was a mentor, friend opinionated debater, trusted confidant, gentle leader, powerful competitor, cool Christian and wonderful daughter. Because Erin seemed to bless everyone she touched; her legacy inspires all who knew her to live their lives to the fullest. Through the Erin Peterson Fund, we will ensure that her commitment to achieving excellence through education, helping the victimized, and being true to one’s self never dies.

The Erin Peterson Fund was formed May 9, 2007. Thousands of cards, gifts and monetary donations came to us from all over the United States. We were so honored and humbled that it became obvious that we should use this outpouring of love to set up a non-profit fund to keep Erin ‘s name and dreams alive. Through generous donation and fund-raisers, scholarships will be awarded to graduates who exemplify a love of life, dedication to learning, commitment to community, and strong leadership abilities.

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